Fit + Fun

As an easily bored, workout-aholic, I am constantly trying new routines and exercise classes to try and stay motivated and interested in my fitness regimen. But sometimes, I find myself in a lull…

The latest thing to pull me out of that lull, is SWERVE! The first class I took at SWERVE was called Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB) with Danielle Cuccio! The name of the class had me excited but intimidated because the first thing I associate with ballet is gracefulness — but gracefulness is also the last thing I associate with myself, so without knowing what to expect, I figured I was going to provide some good laughs for my fellow YBB classmates.

To everybody’s unknowing chagrin, I was in luck! Only the very skeletal framework of ballet is required for this class — keeping your feet in first and second position at times, and whatever the proper name is for holding your hands in a circular and hopefully elegant fashion above your head.

More relevant to the class than ballet, was actually the ability to let loose and feel the music. After the first 5 minutes of guided intention setting, Danielle cranked up the music and jumped into a high energy, fun, sexy and most importantly, easy to follow dance routine for the next 25 minutes. I cannot stress enough that you do not have to be an experienced dancer to keep up and enjoy this class! With Danielle showing us how it’s done at the front of the class, all YOU have to do is try to follow along.

The next fraction of YBB involved strength training through basic Pilates moves — from goblet, wide stance and first-position squats to bicycle crunches, static planks and commandos, this 15 minute segment of class will put your mental and physical strength to the test.

Finally, the last 10 minutes of class included yoga centered, stretching and a short, closing meditation which sets you up to have a great rest of your day!

To sum it up, YBB was a unique combination of intention setting, cardio-dance, Pilates and yoga that felt more like a therapy session than a work out! Their tag line is “Dance More, Think Less,” and that’s exactly what goes on at SWERVE. It was a refreshing change of pace from other classes that often forget to stress the importance of having fun as a critical part of maintaining a stable work out regimen.

With over 25 classes offered and tons of convenient class times, I have no doubts, if you want to sweat, have fun, think a little less and do a little more then you can find your perfect class fit at SWERVE Studio!

If YBB sounds like something that’s right up your alley, then be sure to check out Danielle’s YBB classes on Monday and Thursday nights at 6:30 PM and follow her on Instagram @daniellecuccio for more about her blog and somatology website.

Rating: 10/10

Hours: 7 AM – 8 PM

Type: Gym + Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Dance Cardio and Meditation Classes

Price: $10 First Class Special

Reservations: Yes – Reserve Class Spots Online